Friday, March 20, 2009

Notebook Entry 3/20

Definitely want to make this cute crayon roll!

Fun bubble magnets I want to make! I've even bought the bubbles already!

I LOVE this privilage chart and actually started to make one before my design software died! I think this could be a huge help in my family!

I have talked to my friend, Alisha, a lot about making my own baby food when the time comes. Here's a post that explains how she does it...

I LOVE this pattern for throw pillows. Must make me some!

One day I would love to try to make this mudroom storage bench...

I have always hated writing but have tried to be better at it... maybe these journaling prompts would help...

I really need to organize my filing cabinet at always wonder how long you should keep your records...

How cute are these tote bags for the kids? I have been wanting to get them their own bags to take with them to church...

How cute are these pretzel shamrocks for St. Patrick's Day?

This Princess Birthday Hat is so cute! How fun to make these for the girls!

My crafty mommy friend is awesome with her kids and made Leprechaun beards and ears this year for St. Patricks Day! How fun!

Don't know if I'll ever have a fancy dinner party... but this would teach me how to fold the napkins!

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  1. Hey I love this blog...I need to do something like this cause I have become overloaded with ideas and just been saving them in folders on my email. Anyways I wanted to tell you about an idea for the privelage chart you wanted to do. My sister-in-law did the same thing for my nieces and nephews but she used a dry erase/cork board. On the right she wrote the privelages numbered according to severity (playing on the computer clear down to sitting in their room) and on the left was stick pins color cordinated per child. She used the dry erase so she could change things out if needed. I used to babysit them and the system worked so well to discipline the kids. Well just thought I would share. Again love all the ideas.